Mental Health and Wellness Dsy

After a mini meltdown this morning I had a great Mental Health and Wellness Day 💚 I had a helpful therapy session, an encouraging and uplifting experience at my Depression and Bipolar support group, an informative chat with my life coach, some therapeutic swimming, a good emotional trauma therapy session and some Physical Therapy, now I’m ready to lay down 🥱 Also transparency is very helpful to my healing 🤎🖤🤎

This is life now… ;

So life kinda hit me in a unexpected way a few months ago and I been struggling to get back since… Because of being stressed and overwhelmed with school and some crazy changes and unfairness at work I had a nervous breakdown and panic attacks the 1st week of April which triggered some suppressed traumatic experiences from seeing drugs destroy my parents growing up and also being sexually assaulted multiple times throughout my life, that following week I was diagnosed with severe depression, acute stress and high anxiety, I been off work without pay since April because I couldn’t join the leave bank last year and only had 3 weeks of time saved up. I’ve gotten different types of treatments from inpatient and outpatient psych units, therapy and meds, as I was almost feeling a little better I lost a 2 close family members at the end of May and at the beginning of July, both times put me back in a deep depression. I’ve also had Passive thoughts of not wanting to continue to live because the pain was too heavy. I recently was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 which means my lows are extremely low and I’m in a deep depression where I can’t get out of the bed and my highs are extremely high which is considered mania and during this time my anxiety is off the charts, I’m energized and gets stuff done but also exhausted from not being able to sleep, I call this Tired & Wired! I’m new to this mental illness stuff and struggling to get through it all but right now I’m just hoping to feel better enough to go back to work in a week or 2.